Monday, July 9, 2012

Book Order

To say that you parents inspire me would be a serious understatement. I was talking to Jenn yesterday about trying to find used copies of the books on our reading lists. If finding these books used is a problem, please check out the prices. (I am not earning any money or discount from these). I will be happy to place an order for everyone who still needs books on July 30. I'm pretty sure that this will still get our books to us in time for the start of class and will qualify us for free shipping. July 30 is a Monday so that if anyone doesn't find me in church, you can call me on Monday. I won't place the order until that evening.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Clear As Mud

Hey Folks, I'm still planning to work on making this blog clearer, but right now it's not coming across exactly as I'd like it. One way is the format which I can't seem to get right and don't have enough time right now to sit down and work out. All that to say that I think the way it looks, it seems like the book THE SHAKESPEARE STEALER is the optional book for our English class. That is not the book that is optional. The optional book is TEN TALES FROM SHAKESPEARE. I will be reading aloud from that book at the end of the school year, and if you want your child to follow along (or just want it for yourself), then you may want to buy this book. Let me know if this is clear.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Missing Something?

I was talking with my good friend Jenny today and she asked a good question which I thought would be good to share with you all. She asked what she needed to to complete her language arts course that would not be covered in our Grammar class. I thought it was a great question and figured that some of you would like to know too. Our class will cover grammar, writing (essay and report), literature and literary analysis, and a very little bit of vocabulary. To complete your language arts at home you will need a spelling program (if you're into that ;) and a vocabulary program. Personally, I'm still looking for my perfect spelling curriculum, but I really like Wordly Wise or Vocabu-Lit (both available through Rainbow Resource) for vocabulary.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Middle School English

I want to post a re-cap of all the books needed just for our middle school English course. Remember that our text is Hake's Grammar and Writing, Grade 6 which you can purchase through either Christian Book Distributors or Rainbow Resource Center. Both offer very good prices and are usually the sites that I go to to order my own curricula. Additionally, we will be reading four books this year. I have scheduled the course in 9 week increments - the first five to six weeks will be devoted to studying grammar and writing with the remaining 3-4 weeks of the nine week period devoted to literary study and analysis. The books that we will be reading (in chronological order) are: 1. The Trojan War (Coolidge) 2. The Phantom Tollbooth (Juster) 3. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (Konisburg) 4. The Shakespeare Stealer (Blackwood) Optional(I will be reading aloud from this book) 5. Ten Tales from Shakespeare (Charles and Mary Lamb) All of the books that make up the literature portion can be found at

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hello Parents

Welcome to the CCK Middle School History and English blog! I am writing this blog for all of you parents and students to serve as a place to go to for announcements, enrichment, and to catch any information that I may leave out during class or meetings. I am really excited about our upcoming school year! I hope that you all (kids) learn A LOT and that you parents are helped in your homeschooling. So, without further ado, here are our literature lists for English and History. I had originally hoped that both lists would be the same, but it just has not worked out. If there is any problem or concern with any of these books, Parents please, please, please come to me and let me know. English 1. The Shakespeare Stealer - (Blackwood) 2. The Trojan War - (Coolidge) 3. Ten Tales from Shakespeare (Charles Lamb and Mary Lamb) 4. The Phantom Tollbooth - (Juster) 5. From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler (Konisburg) History 1. The Trojan War - (Coolidge) 2. God King - (Williamson) 3. Adam of the Road - (Gray) 4. The Bronze Bow - (Speare) 5. Catherine Called Birdy - (Cushman) 6. Beowulf - (Rebsamen)